Continuous Strip Vibro-Insulators®


The K10 K12 and K14 Series Vibro-Insulator® Continious Strip Mounts are adapted for wide variety of industrial applications. Strip mounts do an excellent job of isolating both low and high disturbing frequencies.  They also isolate both continuous or intermittent vibration.  All 3 strip mounts can be cut to desired lengths.

Features and Benefits:

  • Low cost
  • Easy instillation and no maintenance
  • Long life
  • Loads are calculated per linear inch
  • Multiple load ranges when mounts are cut to desired lengths
  • The K12 & K14 are produced with a 50 Durometer Natural Rubber, and the K10 is produced in 50 Durometer Neoprene
  • Made in the USA

Delivery is 8 weeks.