Back in 1945 John R. Mann founded The Karman Rubber Company. Today, over 71 years, later the Company is still privately held and operated by the Mann Family.  Over the years Karman Rubber Company has grown with new building additions too numerous to count. The 50,000 square foot facility has over 50 presses including state of the art injection equipment.  In 1960 the company's management team saw the need for an in-house machine shop.  The primary need was for plant and tool maintenance, but mold design and prototype services soon became an important value-added service to our customers. The Company's dedication to become a premier rubber-to-metal bonding expert was achieved and has been recognized internationally with many awards.

In 1970 the Vibro-Insulator®, Vibro-Isolators® Product Line of noise, shock, and vibration controls was purchased from The B.F. Goodrich Company.  Over the last 44 years the Vibro-Isolator® product line has served as Karman's main focal point for research and development.  From the beginning, Karman engineers and chemists began developing a variety of fail-safe mounts with interlocking metal designs. The goal was to develop fail-safe mounts that could be used on static or dynamic loads, and have a competitive selling price sold through our distributors around the world.  Over the years numerous patents have been awarded for mounts that have both of these features.

Throughout the 1980's and 1990's Karman Rubber again dedicated its efforts toward improved metal-to-rubber bonding and product line expansion.  During these decades the Vibro-Insulators®, Vibro-Isolators® Product Line tripled in size adding many new customers who were seeking to find better ways to improve their products while reducing their costs.  During this time the Company strengthened their commitment to their expanding distributor network. Karman management understood that their distributors were more qualified and could service their customer base far better than any other source.

So far in the 2000's we have seen a controlled growth in both custom molding and the Vibro-Isolators®, Vibro-Isolators® Product Line.  Karman Rubber Chemists reformulated many of the Neoprene and Natural Rubber Compounds used to make the Vibro-Insulators®, Vibro-Isolators®.  Their achieved goal was to improve the tensile strength of the various elastomers, and the overall rubber-to-metal bond of the product line.  There were also design improvements made to increase the strength of the metal hardware used in the Vibro-Isolators®.  Statistical Process Control methods were incorporated into our ISO-9002 program helping to define the company's commitment to the future.

Karman Rubber is proud to say that we have always manufactured what we sell right here in the USA.  Our commitment to the new millennium is to find ways to make that better "mouse trap", and to support our customers through our distributor network.