Cylindrical Vibro-Insulators® and Vibro-Isolators®



Cylindrical Vibro-Insulators are designed to protect machinery and equipment from unwanted noise vibration and shock.  Their simple design allows these mounts to be used in a variety of applications. Designed for compressive loads with shear tendencies Cylindrical Mounts are not designed to be used in the tension mode.  Cylindrical Mounts are also known as sandwich mounts, bobbins, puffers, and stud-plate mounts.


Features and Benefits:

  • Low cost
  • Easy to install and no maintenance required
  • Compression loads from 2 to 5,000 pounds
  • Can be loaded in the compression or shear modes
  • Compounds formulated for optimal chemical and mechanical elastomer-to-metal bonds
  • Available in Natural Rubber, Neoprene, and Nitrile (Buna-N)
  • Available in 40, 50, 60, and 70 Durometer Shore A
  • Available with male/male, male/female, female/female, single male, and single female hardware
  • Metric hardware M4X1.0 to M12X1.75
  • English hardware 8-32 to 1/2-13
  • All inserts plated with yellow zinc dichromate
  • 1/4-20 to 1/2-13 hardware and M6X1.0 to M12X1.75 hardware are hardened to Grade 5 Specifications
  • 2-D PDF prints are available for each mount
  • 2-D DWG, 3-D IGES, and 3-D SolidWorks are available upon request
  • Made in the USA



  • Motors, blowers, fans, HVAC, compressors, gensets, welders, panels, materials handling equipment, pumps, office equipment, medical devices, centerfuges, dryers, lawn and garden.


 Environmental Data:

  • All static load test data for the Cylindrical Vibro-Insulator Mounts is based on Natural Rubber.
  • Operating temperatures for Natural Rubber should not exceed 155° F.
  • Natural Rubber is not recommended from exposure to oil, gasolene, ozone sunlight.  
  •  Other elastomers such as Neoprene and Nitrile are available upon request.
  • Cylindrical mounts are not recommended for use in the tension mode.


Delivery is 8 weeks.